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Amanda Morais

I started my makeup journey at the age of 14, I got my first brushes and from that moment I fell in love with the world of makeup, but it was still just a hobby, my favorite fun at home...

For an incredible coincidence of destiny, one of the greatest makeup artists from Brazil became a partner and best friend of my mother who is a stylist and started to encourage me from that moment on that I know my passion could become something real.

Amanda Morais Makeup Atlanta Georgia

At the time, I started helping my mother at her bridal store, I was a personal stylist for brides to choose the dress, giving makeup tips and with this broader view, I also started to compose the ideas of hairstyles that could harmonize the look for the great day. So bridal looks have always been my job, I loved being able to guide my bride to the final look perfectly harmonized, even starting a fashion design college, but I knew in my heart what my dream was. when the opportunity to study in the USA arose and I saw the chance to get to know the most famous brands and the backstage of major events


I moved to the USA, alone in search of my dream, and here are incredible opportunities to increase my knowledge through of courses and with only two months living here, I had my first wedding, and then they referred me to another friend, and another... I came to live a moment of great professional euphoria, that's when I heard about a great event in Atlanta for weddings, in that At that time, I saw an opportunity to expose my work in a more professional way, and with the support of my family, I decided to participate, invested all my savings to set up my stand, and the event was a success, many brides strolling and stopping at my space to see me putting on makeup, it was a dream come true, my first event, since I didn't stop to work, and be part of my special day of beautiful brides, now that you know more about me, i would love to know more about you and your “yes” let's make this experience even better, let me be part of this dream!

Amanda Morais Makeup
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